SwimWare is a powerful business tool with many great features. Let’s take a deep dive into all the features SwimWare has to offer.


This documention will cover all the features that SwimWare has to offer. We have broken down each page in SwimWare and have done deep dives into the scheduling, session, course, & event management. 

Home Page

The home page is designed to be quick launch into your schedule. you can find make ups, staff openings, events and quick links. 


The contacts page is where you will add new contacts and find/filter contacts. The contact page has powerful filters so you can find specific contacts.

Schedule Page

This is the heart of SwimWare. Here you create your class, event and staff schedules. In addition,  can add notes to each day.



The reports menu is where you will find the activity inbox, employee phone list, transaction log and more. The reports menu has many different reports so you can get a good overview of your business and classes.


The setting menu is where you will go to manage the details of your schedule, courses, events, staff and more.