Contact Management

The contact management page allows you to create and search contacts.

You will then be greeted with the new family group form. Enter all the required information:

  • Name
  • Cell or Home Phone (only 1 is required)
  • Email
  • Address

Then click

Family Group Overview

The Family Group page is split up into 3 sections: Family Details, Transaction History, and Notes. These 3 sections give you all the information you need to know about each family that comes to your facility.

    Family Group Menu

    The family group menu allows you to navigate between family details, transaction history, and notes. You can also print invoices, issue refunds, and add memberships. 

    Family Details

    The family details section is broken up into 3 sections and we refer to these as cards. 

    1. Family Group Card – Hold details about the family group as a whole. Example: If the family has a membership it will show here.
    2. Family Contacts Cards – These cards hold information about who to contact. most of the time this is the parents or grandparents.
    3. Student Cards – These hold information about the students. Students can also be any of the family contacts as well if they are taking classes they will need to be entered as a student.

    Transaction History

    Each family group has its own transaction history. This will track all charges and credits within SwimWare. You can edit any transaction here depending on your security level.


    The notes section is a great way to keep track of the interactions between you and your clients. The date and user who created the note are automatically recorded.

    Family Group Notes