Membership Management

The membership management page allows you to control the pricing and types of memberships for your facility. **New membership types need to be added by us currently.**

Membership Page Overview

The membership page is split into two sections. The left side holds all your different types of memberships and when you click on one the details of that membership show on the right.

During the setup of your software, we will populate the membership types list with your type of memberships. We currently can have memberships based on the following expiration types:

  • Month – This is a monthly based membership.
  • Count – This is for a membership that is based on a number of times a person comes to your facility.
  • Session – This is a membership that is linked to courses. If a student is enrolled course they can qualify for this type of membership.

Membership Details

Each membership type has it’s on details. Here is a breakdown of what each of these means:

  • Description – This is a description of the membership that shows to your clients on the parent portal.
  • Notes – This can be any additional information you want to present to your clients.
  • Expiration Type – how the membership expires: Month, Count, or Session.
  • Refundable – If the membership is allowed to be refunded in the system.
  • Enables Member Discount – This allows for special membership pricing for courses.


Each membership type has its own memberships. You can have multiple memberships in one membership type. Example: Your facility has multiple monthly memberships. Each of these memberships will be added to the membership type that has an expiration of Month. See image below for example.