SwimWare has many reporting tools built-in. Here is an overview of the built-in reports.

Reports Available

The reports menu has many powerful reporting tools.

  1. Activity Inbox – Tracks all activities done in the system by staff and clients.
  2. Attendance – Tracks the attendance of your students. 
  3. Employee Phone List  – A list of all staff in the system with their phone, email, and positions held.
  4. Receipt – Total money earned through online payments from the parent portal.
  5. Receivables Due – Tracks all charges and credits in the system. It allows you to print invoices and send email invoices.
  6. Receivables Summary – Totals all charges and credits by category.
  7. Student Counts – Tracks your class efficiency. Totals all classes and students within a period of time.
  8. Student Drop Summary – Tracks the students that haven’t taken a class within 6 months.
  9. SYO Summary/Yearly Summary – Allows making the end of year adjustment for those students in SYO/ Yearly payment option.
  10. Transaction Log – Tracks all transactions throughout the day.