Scheduling Courses

On to the main building of your schedule. Scheduling courses is very similar to scheduling your instructors’ availability. So this will be very familiar. Let’s dive in!

Overview of Classes & Events Page

The classes and events page is split up into 10 stations for classes, plus an events column. You can see your instructor’s availability in green. Makeup classes in purple.

This view is very powerful as you can see what classes are available, full, and where you can add additional classes. You can even see which level of classes are scheduled so you can efficiently use your available teachers!

Creating a New Course on the Schedule

To create a new class, follow these steps:

  1. Click in the station you want your course in at the start time you want.
    1. If scheduled for a teacher available, the instructor will pre-populate in the course details.
  2. Select the course type you wish to schedule.
    1. Class Series
    2. Makeup
  3. Select a course from the dropdown. If you don’t see you’re looking for, you need to add it to the session. How to add a course to a session
  4. Start and end dates are pre-populated from the session dates. You can change these if needed.
  5. Days are preselected by what day you are on the calendar. If you want the class to be held on multiple days select additional days.
  6. The time length of the class is determined from the Course Management page.
  7. Class Size is determined from the course management page but can be changed for this specific class.
  8. The station is pre-populated from step 1.
  9. Notes – can be added if you choose.
  10. Click Save.

Most steps are completed for you by your first selection. So creating classes happens within seconds.

Publishing Courses to Parent Portal

To publish a course to the parent portal follow these steps:

  1. Select the course from the Classes & Events Page.
  2. Click the checkbox labeled Publish to Parent App?

Done! You have successfully published a course for online scheduling on the parent portal.

Deleting a Course for the Schedule

To delete a course, follow these steps:

  1. Select the course from the Classes & Events Page.
  2. Click the delete icon, delete-icon in the lower left of the course details

*The class needs to be empty to delete the course. You need to delete a student first.

Last updated December 2, 2019