Session Management

We will take an in depth look into session management. Sessions can be linked for multi-sessions and can be managed on a per session basis. This allows for multiple payment options for your clients. We will focus on a single session in this section.

How to Create a New Session

To create a new session go to the Settings menu and select Sessions. 

Click on add new

Once you click the add new button you will see a new session appear on the right of your screen.

Session Details

Now we will set up the framework of your first session. We will need to select when the registration starts and ends as well as the dates for the start end end of the session. Any field marked with an * are required. 

If you do on going registration, meaning you register for lessons after the session starts you will want to set your registration end date to the end of the session.  

Course Prices

In this section, you will select your courses that are available in your session as well as there price per lesson. By default, the system will pull the courses and prices from your previous session to help speed up your session creation.

Adding Courses

To add new courses, select them from the drop down menu. You can select multiple courses to be added or all courses.

Once you have selected your courses, click on add courses.

Now that you have added your courses, you can edit the price per class. The prices of the classes can be edited up until the start date of the session.

Deleting Courses

To delete a course from your session click on the delete-icon icon. 


Scheduling your holidays/closed days is the final step before saving your session. These days are blacked out for class scheduling during the session so no classes will be scheduled. 

Adding Holidays

To add a new holiday click on add new

Enter a description and date and click the check icon to save.

Edit Holidays

To edit the holiday click on the  pencil icon icon.

After you make your changes, click the check icon to save.

To discard your changes, click the return-icon icon.

Delete Holidays

To delete the holiday click on the delete-icon icon.