Product Features

SwimWare has a patented visual-based scheduling system to allow you to schedule your classes and events from a single view.

Swim Schools

Swim Schools has very unique challenges when scheduling students. Between age and skill levels, plus the added danger that water brings to any class. SwimWare takes all the guesswork out of schedule so you can focus on what you love, teaching children to swim.

Not only for Swim Schools

SwimWare isn’t just for swim schools SwimWare can help schedule any classes, events, or memberships-based business. 

Unlimited Tracking for Family Groups, Students & Staff

With unlimited tracking, you can spend more time working on your business and less time maintaining it.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

SwimWare Scheduling is a complete platform to allow you to scheduling all aspects of your business.

Class Scheduling

Our at-a-glance scheduling makes it easy to see all your class in one view and scheduling students quickly.

Contact Management

Easily find, create, and manage your families and students from our clean contact management page.

Staff Management

No more paperwork for staff to find their schedule! Each staff member has their own login to view their schedule. 


Need to schedule events? We have you covered! Scheduling one time and multi-day events is possible with SwimWare.

Online Scheduling

Our software lives in the cloud and can be accessed by you, your staff, and your clients to schedule classes.


SwimWare can track memberships for monthly, use-based, and even session-based membership types.



SwimWare’s reporting tools allow you to get the most important questions you may have about your data.

Client Driven

Your business needs are important to us. That is why we are open to any feature ideas you through at us. If there is a feature SwimWare doesn’t currently offer please reach out, we may be able to get it on the roadmap soon!

Level Tracking

Need to track your student’s progress? We have built-in level tracking and have plans to expand that to skills in the future.

Keep Your Data

Any information you put into SwimWare can be retrieved. Have piece of mind that you have full control of your data and your company.